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Wurth Fuel Pressure Hoses with Rubber Exterior DIN 73379-1 Type 2A(10mm)
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With imbedded braided yarn sleeve and wear resistant exterior rubber cover. Material: NBR/CR.
-Flexible and benable.
-Fulfils requirements of the German automobile industry(according to DIN 73379-1/type 2A).

Resists highetemperatureand adverse ambient conditions.
-Use for modern motors(current year of construction).

Hoses of the type 2A are suitable for the engine compartment and tank ventilation.

Further product characteristics are the optimized, medium permeation, the indifferent to copper as well against abrasion, ozone and weather influences and oils and acides in the engine compartment.

Application Range
-For Diesel fuel andall unleaded and leaded commercially available petrol for cars, motor-cycles, construction machinery. etc.
-Suitableforuseas Diesel recirculating line.

-If a car manufacturer specifies a special fuel hose for high-performance engines subject to high temperatures, a high temperature resistant fuel hose must be used!

-At temperatures in excess of +90c and peak temperatures of +110c a high temperature resistant fuel hose should be used, as well

Not suitable for:
-Use in fuel tanks permanently immersed in fuel
-Eco-Diesel fuel(RME-fuel).
-For transmission and engine oils.

-Inner Diameter(ID) 10mm
-Outer Diameter(OD) 16mm

Price per feet(12inches, 30.48cm)
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