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Amsoil Synthetic Fuel Efficient Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF)

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AMSOIL Synthetic Fuel Efficient Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATL) is engineered to exceed the requirements of GM, Ford and Toyota where low-viscosity oil is required. The highly-specialized properties of this light-bodied fluid provide outstanding performance without compromising protection, even in severe operating conditions.

Automatic transmissions have become increasingly complex as vehicle manufacturers strive to improve efficiency while satisfying consumer demands. Smaller, smoother-shifting transmissions with longer fluid life capabilities and heavier load capacities are now standard. Traditional ATFs, however, are unable to meet these extreme requirements, and new fluids have emerged with each new advancement in transmission engineering. AMSOIL, with its original introduction of a synthetic ATF in 1980, remains the leader in transmission fluid quality. AMSOIL Synthetic Fuel Efficient Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated with the highest-quality components to exceed the most stringent industry standards. The quality and performance of AMSOIL Synthetic ATF is guaranteed.

Features & Benefits:
- Anti-wear/extreme-pressure agents—Extend gear life
- Durable friction modifiers—Anti-shudder
- Anti-oxidants—Extend fluid life
- Seal conditioners—Reduce leaks
- Detergents and dispersants—Keep clean and control deposits
- Corrosion inhibitors—Control rust
- Anti-foam agents—Improve hydraulic function

Packing: 1Qt

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