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FilterMag RA250(2.50" to 2.80")
RA Series
Heavy Duty and Racing Applications

Hi-Performance, Large Diesel, Racing, Heavy Duty Auto
For 2.90" to 5.50" diameter standard oil filters

The RA Series of FilterMAGâ„¢ can be used for both standard and Hi-Performance engines. This baby is built for the demanding needs of large diesel trucks, racing, and heavy duty applications. The RA Series provides extra power where its needed most.

FilterMAGâ„¢ is an easy-to-install, heavy-duty magnet designed to wrap around the outside of your oil filter. The magnet traps metal particles and impurities and confines them to the inside of the oil filter canister wall. The resulting cleaner motor oil means fewer oil changes and a longer-lasting engine!

The Benefits of Using FilterMAGâ„¢ include:
  • Cleaner oil – Removes up to 92% more waste from your oil than typical filters
  • Optimal engine performance and longer engine life
  • Save Money - Extending oil life means longer time between oil changes
  • Less waste oil and fewer discarded filters saves money and the environment

The technology behind oil filtration has remained largely unchanged since the 1930s. Yet in that time, vehicles and their engines have advanced tremendously. Thankfully, the solution is simple –FilterMAG™.

FilterMAGâ„¢ transforms your old-fashioned oil filter into a superior oil filtration system.

FilterMAGâ„¢ works by preventing steel, iron, and other metallic particles and contaminates from leaving the oil filter and moving on to the engine. The intense rare earth magnets traps the pollutants to the sides of the filter, removing them from the oil flow and preventing them from reaching the engine. This keeps the oil cleaner and provides better lubrication for the engine.

The best part is, FilterMAG™ is easy to install! Just attach the high intensity magnet to your oil filter and you’re done. The powerful magnets will hold the FilterMAG™ firmly to the oil filter.

FilterMAG™’s Powerful Features:
  • Extend engine life
  • Increase the time between oil changes
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • High intensity rare earth magnets hold it firmly in place
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Lifetime warranty
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