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Original Perodua Oil Pan Sub Assy with Nut for Myvi/Alza
In order for a car’s engine to run smoothly, it will need to have the right amount of oil. The oil helps to lubricate all of the moving parts of the engine and keep them cool. The oil pan is where all of oil in a car is stored. This pan is usually made from metal or hard plastic. Without this pan, it will be impossible to keep the right amount of oil in your engine. The lack of oil in the engine will cause the internal components to have friction, which will lead to a lot of damage.

The oil pan resides under the car and can become damaged over time. Having puncture or rust spots in the oil pan can lead to a number of different issues.

  • PERODUA ALZA 2009y~2014y
  • PERODUA ALZA 2014y~
  • PERODUA MYVI 2005y~2011y

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