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Bosch EFI Fuel Pump for Proton Wira
Symptoms of Fuel Pump Failure
Weak and failing fuel pumps can be difficult to diagnose. While the symptoms may be easy to identify, they also may be confused with other mechanical problems. Learning the warning signs of a failing fuel pump can help save unnecessary repair costs and avoid a vehicle breakdown on the road.

Engine Misfire
The engine misfires at highway speeds, causing the car to stutter for a mile or two.

Delayed Acceleration
As you press down the accelerator, the car begins to take off and then loses power before regaining power and taking off.

Vehicle Won't Start
If the fuel pump has failed, the car will crank but will not start.

Car Runs Intermittently
The vehicle unexpectedly turns off but will restart later.

Trouble Climbing Hills
The vehicle loses power when climbing hills or when it needs additional power, such as when pulling a trailer.

Dimensions: 38 mm diameter X length 115 mm from the pipe tip
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