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Bendix Metal King Titanium Mitsubishi Cantre 3.5L 95> F - Van Rear - DB1390MKT

A combination of unique friction compounds which offer supreme braking performance for your prestige vehicle. Whether you are in the city, on the freeway or carrying a full load. Bendix Metal King Titanium will give full control and confident braking.

They’re made from a specifically developed compound formulated to deliver real metal duty performance for all sorts of load carrying situations whether it’s the demands of city driving or the hard grind of construction sites. Bendix Metal King brake pads are ideal for towing – in fact, any situation involving frequent braking under load.

The pads also come with an exclusive insulation layer between the friction material and backing plate for cooler braking and longer rotor life.

Features and Benefits:
- SMF (Superior Metallic Formulation) Product engineered & tested for supreme braking performance.

- Titanium Stripe
No bedding-in required meaning less down time and improved customer satisfaction, instant pedal feel from the first stop.

- High Temperature Performance
Longer pad life, improved fade and rotor life.

- Designed to Suit Heavy Duty & Hard Working Vehicle
Able to handle heavy loads and greater for towing.

- Comprehensive Range
All major references available covering medium, large, prestige and load bearing vehicles

- Premium Quality product Eliminate Re-work*
Ongoing commitment to total quality means no reworks, saving you both time & money & guaranteeing customer satisfaction & safety on the roads.
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