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Daihatsu Move / Max / Opti L802 L880 L902 JBDE JBDET Water Pump 16100-B9330

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Applicable to Car Model Code: L802, L880, L902, JBDE, JBDET

The water pump is an essential car part for the engine cooling. It pumps the coolant from the radiator to the engine to make sure the latter doesn’t become overheated. An engine in which temperatures rise too high can be irreversibly damaged.

The water pump’s main purpose is to regulate the temperature in the engine. The waterpump is part of the cooling system of the car like the radiator or the thermostat.In general the engine water pump is a centrifugal pump operated by the timing belt. The latter helps to distribute of cooling liquid throughout the engine. The cooling fluid in the engine exits the water pump and flows through the engine block and the cylinder head. It then continues through the radiator before it flows back to the water pump.

Failure Symptoms
There are many pointers that hint towards car water pump problems. Here are the most important and prominent broken water pump symptoms:

Engine overheating is one of the most prominent symptoms of water pump failure. When an internal problem hampers the functioning of a water pump, it doesn't cool the engine that efficiently. As a result, the engine temperature rises at high RPMs and may cause major damage. If you notice chronic overheating, chances are that your car is suffering from water pump failure. Overheating is always bad news and must be taken very seriously, as it is indicative of problems in the coolant system, which could eventually lead to an engine failure.

Coolant Leak
Another bad water pump sign is a significant leakage of the coolant. Check out if you find any coolant leakage on the garage floor. If the leakage is substantial, it is time you got your water pump checked.

Noisy Water Pump Bearings
Noise from water pump bearings can be indicative of impending failure of the system. So get the pump checked out as soon as possible.

Corroded or Damaged Impeller
Last, but not the least, one of the prime symptoms that will only reveal itself through visual inspection is a damaged or corroded impeller. It is advisable that you go for water pump replacement, in case it is seriously damaged, as the health of the car engine is at stake.

A failure to recognize these symptoms, may eventually result into serious engine problems that may burn a big hole in your pocket! That is why, be on the watch for anything unusual that you notice in the car functioning. Your observant look may save you a lot of money that you might otherwise spend in major car repairs. In case you are contemplating a replacement, the cost is only $300 on an average. Go for a yearly or six monthly car checkup and servicing as it will reveal any problems that might develop in the future. That way, you can nip these problems in the bud, before they have a chance of seriously damaging your car.
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