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Osram Cool Blue Intense 12v 55w 4200K H11
[64211CBI 55W 12V PGJ19-2]
  • Osram Cool Blue Intense 12v 55w 4200K H11 - Image 1
  • Osram Cool Blue Intense 12v 55w 4200K H11 - Image 2
They are specifically designed for drivers who prioritise styling, as the bulb has a 4200K colour temperature which is the closest colour match to factory fitted Xenon HID. They deliver up to 20% more light than standard lamps.

Unlike other ‘xenon’ effect bulbs, OSRAM COOL BLUE INTENSE is manufactured to the highest European quality standards, to original equipment specifications, ensuring that drivers benefit from the standards set by their vehicle manufacturers.

Furthermore, the product uses standard wattage which ensures no extra heat is generated, so they will not melt wiring or damage plastic lenses, ensuring they are fully road legal across Europe.

With up to 4200 Kelvin, OSRAM COOL BLUE® INTENSE is currently the bluest automotive lamp on the market that complies with ECE regulations. With its powerful, bluish, bright white light in a cool look similar to xenon lamps.
  • Up to 4200 Kelvin
  • Up to 20% more light*
  • Bluish, bright white light (up to 4200 Kelvin, similar to the colour temperature of xenon lamps)
  • Up to 20% more light*
  • Brighter, and therefore more pleasant light for the driver

Price per pair of H11

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