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Philips GoPure 2 Automotive Clean Air System with 1-Year Warranty
[ACA301 AROM 50996 GP]
RM799.00 RM699.00
  • 32% OFF Philips GoPure 2 Automotive Clean Air System.
  • Medical grade air purifier for pure and fresh air in your car.
  • High air purification power: Removes up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, dust, harmful gases and chemical pollutants.
  • 3-stage filtering process: Pre-filter, HEPA filter & HESA filter.
  • Healthy-air indicator: Integrated air-particles sensor to show air-particles concentration.
    • Excellent (Blue), Fair (Yellow) and Poor (Red).
  • Filter replacement LED warning to indicate filter change and maintain optimal filtering performance.
  • Cleans air with it's powerful motor at Boost mode. Only takes 10 minutes for air quality to improve significantly.
  • Fragrance dispenser with adjustable flow for strong, medium or light dispensing strength.
  • Smart mounting solution and 12V plug for stable installation in the front, on the dashboard, at the back of the front seats and in the back, on the quarterdeck.
  • 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Free nationwide delivery included.

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