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Snow Performance Water Injection System, Stage 1, Carburetor/EFI, Supercharger, Turbocharger, Kit
Water Injection Pump Included: Yes
Wiring Harness Included: Yes
Boost Pressure Reference Switch Included: Yes
Reservoir Included: Yes
Notes: Stage 1 kit. Solenoid upgrade required if nozzle is after the throttle plate or if nozzle is lower than top of reservoir. Dual nozzle upgrade kit required for dual throttle body and dual carburetor applications. 2.5 gallon reservoir upgrade recommended for road racing applications.

In gasoline engines, as with any intercooler, Stage-1 Boost Coolers suppress detonation, so more power-producing boost and timing can be utilized. Water, with its high latent heat of vaporization, cools the intake charge and combustion. Methanol cools the charge and combustion, but also acts like an extremely high-octane fuel (some researchers claim as high as 120 octane) and adds more oxygen to combustion. These systems contain everything needed to start making big HP! They're designed for use in gasoline (6-15 psig boost) supercharged/turbocharged vehicles.

Systems include:
* 150 psi high-volume pump
* Adjustable boost pressure switch
* 3 qt. reservoir
* Two nozzles sized to your FWHP and boost levels
* Bosch relay and all the electrical parts
* Fittings, tubing, etc. for installation
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