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Michelin Smart Jumper Cables with Surge Protection
Michelin Smart Jumper Cables are much safer and easier to use than ordinary jumper cables. These jumper cables won't spark when you connect them, and they automatically adjust polarity to ensure safe power transfer. What's more, the built-in surge protector helps keep vehicle electronics safe. Equipped with heavy-duty 12-foot, 8-gauge copper clad aluminum cables, these cables make it easy to connect one vehicle to another and efficiently transfer power.

  • Green Indicator Lights Confirm Correct Connection
  • No Sparking Or Shorting When Clamps Are Attached, Polarity Is Adjusted Automatically
  • Built-in surge protector prevents damage to vehicle's computer and electronics
  • Cables constructed using heavy 8-gauge copper clad aluminum to ensure superior and reliable performance
  • Insulated clamps for maximum cranking power
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