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MP822V2 Intelligent Jumpstart with AC power System
  • MP822V2 Intelligent Jumpstart with AC power System - Image 1
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Feature of product:
  • 2016 new revision smart - Carpenter の invincible power, lighting change 3 LED, increasing the USB socket 2 *
  • Now meet the 3C products, more choices, is a good helper for outdoor activities.
  • Folders can be used with T3 LED lights use (approximately 25 hours of continuous points)
  • 12VDC DC power supply. Any vehicle or 12V electrical appliances can be used.
  • Having a power display. Can clearly indicate the remaining power. Allows users to adjust the appropriate time.
  • Low voltage / overvoltage / undervoltage warning
  • Weak warning function. When the battery is running out of power. Generates musical sound and turn off the power. In order to avoid battery damage due to excessive discharge.
  • This product can be use while charging. Do not worry damage the battery.
  • Extended battery or external battery (cigarette lighter socket must use an external battery clip).
  • But when the steam locomotive / motorboat aid batteries. Relaxing and enjoyable start the engine. Instantaneous output 600A continuous launch about 10 to 60 times.
  • Short-circuit protection device (no touch short circuit when two clips).
  • Polarity protection device (warning beep will produce positive and negative level of a reversed).
  • Does not produce sparks rescue car clip connect the battery (protect the vehicle computer).
  • Manual emergency standby power systems (when the internal battery is damaged can still start the car).
  • Please note that use, the battery clamp onto the car battery, internal electrical relay A. Carpenter sound operation, the LED display will light the back, then you can start the car without the battery state of the battery clip without triggering the power output.
  • The product warranty for 6 months, have any questions, please directly send fault.

Note the use of:
  1. Before use, please read the instruction manual.
  2. indoor charging, be sure to use the company charged with indoor transformer.
  3. Please feel free to charge and maintain battery indicator lights in four state to ensure the effectiveness of emergency when the engine starts.
  4. This unit has a battery maintenance function which can charge a long time while charging or use.
  5. Please use the charge as soon as possible, in order to maintain optimum battery storage effect; more than 48 hours without electricity battery will cause serious damage. (Without electricity as a result of health damage caused by the battery, not within the scope of warranty, repairs shall charge a fee)
  6. Please do not use the usual fully charged coupled with a place, more than three months for a maintenance time.
  7. Avoid the unit to direct exposure to sunlight, high temperature or in contact with water, so as not to be damaged.
  8. When no power output, check whether the fuse burned down, as has been burned, replaced with spare fuses can be used.
  9. If you use (T8 tube) in conjunction with the general household lamps, turn the regulator within the lamp base capacitance extraction (non-starters), otherwise it will damage this power converter.

  • Model: MP-822V2
  • Output voltage: 12V DC (host)
  • USB Output: 5V 2.0A × 1PCS, USB 5V 1.0A × 1PCS
  • LED: 3W * 3 can be used for more than 25 hours
  • Battery: 12V 22AH (sealed maintenance-free lead-free water calcium battery)
  • Charging time: Indoor 110V: 20 ~ 25 Xiaoshi car 12V: 4 ~ 6 Xiaoshi
  • Rescue vehicles applicable: 3500 C.C. less diesel, 6000 C.C. less gasoline
  • Weight: 9.2 kg
  • Size: 22.5 (W) X10 (long) X33 (H) cm
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Standard accessories: Vehicle charging cable / Home Charger / Booster Cables / 12V 22AH battery / manual & warranty

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