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Seger Mini Shell Horn 65CO1200-12V
65C is vertical snail type horn which is smaller in dimensions compared to our 60B series horns. Without losing any performance, it delivers a high quality sound with smaller and lighter design.

Like our other horns, 65C type horns are tested with the latest testing specifications and it can pass the tests without difficulty. It maintains the OEM and EEC requirements with ease.

According to customer specifications we are able to produce the horns with 1 or 2 terminals, different options of connectors and the bracket options.

When they are sent to packaging after production, there are 2 options available for our aftermarket customers. Either carton boxes or blister packaging suitable for both single or paired (H+L) horns.

ToneHigh & Low
Frequency500 Hz ± 20
400 Hz ± 20
Sound Level(2m)105-118dB(A)
Dimensions82 x 85
Type ApprovalECE(E1), EEC(e1)

Price per set as seen in picture
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