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Push On & On/Off Invisible Touch Switch
  • 100% invisible from the outside. This switch is mounted and installed in the inside part of the interior panels.
  • Designed to be placed under the surface of dash boards, trim panels, etc.
  • Works through surfaces up to 3mm thick.
  • Toggle On/Off or 15 second latched operation (Operation is changed with a jumper on the circuit board).
  • 3M double sided adhesive for secure mounting.
  • No drilling or damaging your panels..

Material supportedMaterial NOT supported
ABS PlasticWoods
Solid PlasticStainless
Acrylic BoardAluminum(nonferrous)

  • Body Dimension: 31×26×15mm with 90mm cable.
  • Sensor switch Dimension: 12x15.5×3×mm.
  • Current consumption: 12V.
  • During Standby: 3mA.
  • During Operation: 40mA.

Price per set as shown in picture
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