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Orsen Shield Under Armour Protection Skid Plate Lexus RX 350/ CT200H
Orsen Shield.....Under Amour For Your Car

Orsen Skid Plate Analysis(Perodua Myvi/Alza)

Prevent thousands of ringgits to repair your car.

Just as horses need horse shoes to protect the soles of their foot, Your car need the ORSEN plate......to protect critical components of your car.
  • Orsen Shield protects your car's undercarriage and the engine from physical damage, especially when driving in rough terrain
  • Orsen Shield prevents corrosion by keeping dirt, mud, water and salt from the engine compartment
  • Orsen Shield reduces aerodynamic drag, thus increasing the fuel efficiency of your car
  • Orsen Shield improves the quiet comfort of your drive especially at high speeds
  • Orsen Shield is easy to install and remove
  • Orsen Shield is made of special durable polymers, Orsen Shield is tough yet light
  • Orsen Shield is customised specially to fit the model of your car

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