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Wurth Silicone Special 250 Black
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Suitable for: For permanent sealing of engines, gearboxes, bodywork etc. such as cylinder heads, crankcases, sumps, radiators, differentials etc.

Features: Permanently plastic. Covers more serious unevenness and forms a reliable lasting seal even when subject to vibration for years. Exceptional adhesion on metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Outstanding chemical resistance. Does not run and will not draw strings. Color: Black.

Application: The area to be sealed must be dry and free of dust, oil and grease. Pierce the protective membrane with the reserved cap. Screw on the applicator nozzle and, applicator nozzle and, according to the desired width of the application, trim it obliquely. Do not put the parts back into service for at least 30 minutes.

Technical Data: Temperature resistance -50c to +250c, briefly up to +300c. Forms a skin after a few minutes. Curing rate at +23c, 50% r.h. approx. 1.5mm/day.

Price per 70ml
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