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CRC 18418 Rust Converter, 32 Fl Oz
Product Description:
A unique fast drying milky white vinyl/acrylic coating that is applied to any rusted metal surface in order to stop rust in its tracks. It neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough, black primer in one easy step.

Product Specifications:
Applications Vehicles, trailers, railings, bridges, equipment, overhead cranes, pipelines, storage tanks, transmission towers, fences chairs, tables, dumpsters, etc…
Unit Package Description 1 Quart Bottle
Brand CRC
Generic Description 1 Rust Converter
Net Fill 32 Fl Oz
UPC Code 078254184180
Unit Dimensions 7.5H x 2.5W x 4.75D in
Units Per Case 12
Case Dimensions 8H x 10.25W x 16.25D in
Cases Per Pallet 60
Case Weight 32 lbs
I 2 of 5 Code 30078254184181
Appearance Cream White Liquid
Odor Glue Like
Flashpoint None
CPSC Flammability Class None
Specific Gravity 1.12
Plastic Safe Yes
Evaporation Rate Slow
pH 2.5 - 3.5
Dry Time - Fully Dry 24 Hours
Dry Time to Tack Free 1 Hour
Recoat After 24 Hours
Coverage Not Determined
Propellant None
DOT Proper Shipping Name Not Regulated
VOC % (Federal) 1
VOC g/L (Federal) 11.2
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal) 0.09
Compliant For CA Yes
VOC Category Flat Architectural Coating
CA VOC Limit 100 g/L
OTC VOC Limit 100 g/L

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