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Instantly detects leaks and neutralizes acid. Removes corrosion by-products. Just spray on and rinse off.

Battery terminals, battery casings, cable connectors & hold downs

Tech Tip on how to get the most out of your battery! They are getting really expensive. So you don’t even notice it sometimes, on occasion you’ll see a battery with water corrosion on the terminals. There’s a lot of damage going on kind of behind the scenes so we got a cleaner from CRC, now this is their battery cleaner, now this is pretty cool stuff. If I spray it out here on the outside you can see its sort of yellowy foam, but if I get kind of on the terminals you can see it turning pink. Now that’s attacking the acid and neutralizing it. That acid is what is eating up the terminals, starting corrosion, resistance, you’re not getting the cranking amps out of it, and you’re straining the battery. So what you want to do is, spray it around the areas, you can see the pink stuff, get your little scrubby out, pop your terminals off, make sure you knock off all the corrosion, all the pinky stuff. Get up underneath there and when you’re all said and done, you want to get behind the scenes. When your all said and done, just come back, give it a little bath, wash it off, nice and clean, towel dry it. Once you put the terminals back on you can come back with a battery terminal protection. A little spray on there will keep it nice and protected for a long time to come. When the pink fades, you know its time to go back and check and re clean it.

Price per bottle(311g)

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