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Victorite rated 5☆ Silver Calcium(Ag-Ca) MF(Maintenance Free) Car Battery DIN55R
Silver Calcium alloy batteries are batteries with water-acid electrolyte, but with grids made from calcium-silver alloy, instead of traditional lead-antimony grids. They stand out for its resistance to corrosion and the destructive effects of high temperatures. The result of this improvement is manifested in increased battery life and maintaining a starting power over time

Technological improvements of this new alloy include increased corrosion resistance, greater resistance to high temperatures, longer shelf life, longer life of use, minimal self-discharge and as having the highest breakout.

Here are just some improvements found in the new VICTORITE Silver-Calcium SMF range

  1. Offer the highest resistance to plate corrosion, meaning longer life of battery
  2. Offer the highest resistance to plate damage from overcharging and excessive under bonnet temperature
  3. Dramatically improve charge retention by massive 300% when compared to conventional low-antimonial plate grids
  4. Reduce water loss by 90%

TOTALLY NEW PLATE GRID DESIGN The obvious benefits of this new U.S design Silver-Calcium plate grids are improved CCA, AH and reserve capacity outputs. Another obvious advantage is the longer service life due to the much thicker frame perimeter which greatly reduces the like lihood of cracked or broken plates from excessive vibration

EXCLUSIVE PATENTED INNER CELL CONNECTION Designand patented by our technical associate, Moll Batteries, a very specialized German battery company who invented the Kamina lids, who manufactures OR batteries for VW,Audi and exclusively for Porsche,the exclusive inner cell sealing rings can achieve the most premature failure due to cracked lead in the inner cell connection.

SPECIAL CHARGE ACCEPTANCE BOOSTER Itacts to neutralize the lead sulfate thereby making the battery very easy to be recharged back to full-up. The technical laboratory tests of Charge Acceptance have shown the significant superiority of the VICTORITE Silver-Calcium SMF battery when compared to other ordinary Calcium batteries. Finally, the problem of Calcium battery poor recharge ability and premature capacity loss has been put to rest.

TRUE MAINTENANCE-FREE CHARACTERISTICS Extensive trail of VICTORITE Silver-Calcium SMF have shown electrolyte loss tobe reduced by 90% and charge retention to be Improved by 300% on average when compared to the conventional low-antimonial battery.Furthermore, VICTORITE Silver-Calcium SMF battery has succeeded indoubling the amount of the eletrolyte reserve above the plates thereby completely eliminating any need to top up during the entire life of the battery.

ERGONOMIC,USER-FRIENDLY, ROBUST AND INTEGRATED HANDLES All new VICTORITE Silver-Calcium SMF batteries are equipped within tegrated, strong and easy-to-use handles which can nearly besnapped back into the lid and thus will not get in the way.

POWER EYE Or Magic Eye is also provided as standard for easy checking of the battery state of charge.

SPECIALLID CONSTRUCTION WITH CENTRAL GAS VENTING AND FLASH ARRESTORS Thespecially designed lid of VICTORITE Silver-Calcium SMF battery prevents acid spillage, allow gas venting only from a centralized location and is equipped with flash arrestors for security against sparks and flame. It also provides facilities to connect the venthole to a tube so the gases can be vented to the outside area.

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