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Works Racing 4 Pot Brake Kit Toyota Vios '03 - '07 (286mm)
Work Engineering Racing brake kit is designed by the latest technological advancements and provides the ultimate stopping power for vehicle . It allows reducing brake fade, continually cools and refreshes the brake pads surface under braking.

Caliper color: Red

Dimension of piston:40mm/36mm Rotor:
  • Specialized heat treatment for improved brake rotor durability and braking performance.
  • Special Heat resistance paint for excellent anticorrosion.
  • The unique groove design to remove dust from the brake surface.

-286mm rotor :Apply to 15"
-300mm rotor :Apply to 16"
-330mm rotor :Apply to 17"
-345mm rotor :Apply to 18"

Brake pad friction material
Sport version (Silver)
Working Temperature
Coefficient of friction
Composite ceramic、alloy and fiber
Sport sedans and high performance cars

Actual picture after install it.

Price per set as seen in picture
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