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Bosch Activated Carbon Cabin Filter for Honda L15A

Tasks of the activated carbon cabin filter

- To protect passengers in your vehicle against pollen, dust and dirt particles

- To protect against harmful and foul-smelling gases

- To protect the air-conditioning system

Change activated carbon cabin filters every 15 000 km or after one year!

Bosch activated carbon cabin filters

  • Three fiber layers plus activated carbon layer
  • Thanks to an electrostatic charge, the fiber layer of electrostatically charged micro-fibers attracts even the smallest, respirable particles and filters them out of the air
  • Reliable function between -40 and +85 °C
  • Absorption of smells and harmful gases by the activated carbon layer

The activated carbon layer

  • Natural material made of coconut shells that are carbonized and crushed under air-free conditions
  • Formation of the spongy structure in high-temperature steam (up to 800 °C)
  • Large surface area: 1 g activated carbon has an internal surface area of approx. 1 000 m 2
  • 1 teaspoon of activated carbon equates to the surface area of a football pitch


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