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Original Hyundai Sonata NF 2.4 Serpentine Belt

Unless your car is a vintage model, the engine most likely has a serpentine belt drive.

On many engines, a serpentine belt powers several accessories such as the air conditioner compressor, water and power steering pumps, fan, and even the booster for the braking system.

Serpentine drive belt engineers say it's definitely worth having the serpentine drive belt system checked periodically. If it fails, the engine will overheat, and worse, the car won't run.

The situation could leave you stranded on a highway or busy metropolitan street waiting for a costly tow to a local repair shop.

Listen for signs of impending belt failure. A squealing noise when the car accelerates means the belt is slipping and is not efficiently turning the drive accessories. The belt tensioner also could be worn and in need of immediate replacement.

Look for excessive cracks in the belt’s V-ribs, and chunks that have broken off the ribs.

Serpentine drive belt engineers say, however, visual appearance is not a reliable indicator of the expected service life of a belt. They recommend replacing the serpentine belt every four years.

Ask your technician to check both the belt and the tensioner while the car is being serviced this spring.
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