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Proton Campro Metal Head Gasket(MLS) Thickness 1mm

A Multi-Layer Steel gasket (MLS) was first used in Japanese engines in the late 1980s and also the beginning of the 1990s. These types of gaskets were later used by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. Compared with other sorts of gaskets, MLS gaskets take advantage of a totally different method in order to seal the combustion chamber. MLS head gaskets normally use three to five layers made of stainless-steel to produce a spring-like effect that will seal the space between the head and the block.

The majority of the best NASCAR teams, circle track racers, Pro Stock drag racers, as well as quite a few street performance machines are currently making use of these types of head gaskets.

The Multi-Layer Steel gasket is manufactured with a couple of steel layers and every single layer features a unique function. The actual outer layer normally has a rubber coating for sealing around oil as well as coolant. This outer layer is also used as an extra seal for the combustion area. Typically the high temperature rubber coating offers an extremely good fluid sealability over the outer faces and also throughout the various layers. Another benefit is that it is also sealing minor head and bolt surface imperfections. The particular stopper layer positioned underneath the outer layer applies a load all around the actual bore and additionally seals the combustion area. The spacer layer, that is located within the gasket, is passive and only gives the gasket thickness it needs.

The Multi-Layer Steel gasket gives you the following advantages:

  • Outstanding level of temperature resistance
  • High Strength
  • Stainless-steel layers retain their shape
  • Survives higher combustion pressures
  • Strategically placed sealing beads that eliminate leak paths
  • Perfect for sealing regardless of the extreme horizontal and vertical movements between the head and the block
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