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GE Megalight Ultra +90% 12v 55w H1
Up to 90% more light on the road
High performance lamps for visibility,
convenience and style
  • GE Megalight Ultra lamps - thanks to their special filament design and coating system, provide up to +90% more light on the road thus improving illumination performance of your headlamps compared to standard halogen 12V lamps available on the market.

  • Helps in improved driving performance at night. Major international studies prove, that improved headlamp illumination level helps in reduction of accidents at night time/in poor visibility conditions.

  • The greater illumination combined with whiter light resulting from the blue partial coating, add safety to your driving - especially advantageous for elderly and fatigued drivers.

  • Silver top gives an attractive appearance, especially in clear lens reflector headlamps. For more information please visit www.gelighting.com/EU.

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