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Wurth Rust Off Plus Spray 300ml

High-quality rust releaser plus lubricating properties thanks to new additive technology (OMC2).

â–º High capillary activity.
Your advantage:
● Optimum creeping properties ensure outstanding rust
penetration and a dissolving of rust.

â–º Contains liquid, highly effective, organic molybdenum compound OMC2.
Your advantages:
● In contrast to products which contain solid lubricants, e.g. MOS2,
OMC2 does not precipitate out in larger containers.
● Friction is reduced.
● Excellent lubricating effect by smoothing of metal surface.
● Ensures permanent smooth running of connections.

â–º Optimum corrosion protection due to addition of corrosion protection additives.
Your advantage:
● Provides lasting protection against further corrosion.

â–º Resin and acid-free.

â–º Silicone-free.

â–º Compatible with rubber and plastic.

Price per 300ml

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