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ThreeBond Super Engine Conditioner(Petrol)
Without dismantling the throttle body, injector and combustion chamber, Super Engine Conditioner is able to clean up the dirty fuel injector, intake valves and combustion chamber. As a result, Super Engine Conditioner can satisfy motorists on the followings:
  • Restore lost power and acceleration
  • Reduce exhaust emission


It cleans intake valves which are essential for efficient operation of engine. 

Deposits form on the intake valves over long period of engine-operation (more than 20,000km). These deposits can adversely affect the efficient flow of the air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber which can affect economy and lead to reduced power and acceleration.

It cleans dirty injections which are essential for efficient metering fuel flowing into the engine.

Fuel injectors are designed to accurately meter fuel to the combustion chamber. The fuel passages are small and therefore they tend to have deposits piled up in the critical region where the fuel metered. Dirty injectors result in poor combustion of fuel and thus deliver poor vehicle performance.

Tutorial: How to clean throttle body with ThreeBond Super Engine Conditioner
(From beginning to 2:58s)

  1. Start engine for 5 minutes to warm up the engine, This is to "loosen" the carbon within the engine compartment
  2. Stop the engine, remove the air filter and dismantle the rubber hose connecting to the "butterfly" valve
  3. Shake the can well before attaching the nozzle.
  4. Once the exterior of the "butterfly" valve is covered with foam, leave it for 3 minutes for the foam to attack the carbon deposite

  5. For Normal Conventional Throttle

    Position the nozzle directly at the flap of the "butterfly" valve and spray it for 30 seconds.

    For E-Throttle
    In case of E-Throttle. DO NOT touch the flaps of the "butterfly" valve.

  6. Restart the engine accelerate up to 2000rpm while spraying the remaining into the "butterfly" valve.
  7. Stop the engine, rest for 5 minutes and install back the rubber housings and air-filter to the original position

    For new car models, diagnosis equipments is required to erase any fault signs arise on the meter display as shown

  8. Restart the engine after installation and accelerate intermittently untill the vehicle stops emitting white smoke

Price per bottle(240ml)

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