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Original Proton Waja Power Steering Pump Assy PW820439
The power steering pump works by driving hydraulic fluid from low pressure to high pressure. This hydraulic pressure allows the energy and force that it takes to turn the car to be lessened. When a non-power steering car turns the force and energy that turns the car comes from, in part, the strength you have. Whereas the hydraulic pressure of a power steering car changes how the physics of steering operates.

There are some issues that can arise out of this power steering system in your vehicle. The number one maintenance item to avoid power steering leaks and issues is to ensure that your power steering fluid is clean. Power steering fluid can become cloudy and sediments can stir up over time eventually causing leaks in the power steering hoses and power steering pump. In addition, another indication of power steering issues could be a whining or groaning sound when you turn. This might mean that your power steering pump is low on fluid and it could be possibly leaking or malfunctioning.
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