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AP Racing Big 4-piston CP5200 Calipers with Ø330.0x28.0mm Rotors Complete Brake Kits for ALL makes/models
Why need AP Racing Formula Brake Kits?

Original Equipment (OE) brake systems do the job they were intended to, stop safely and quietly for the lowest cost possible. After adding performance upgrades, while towing, or just having some fun in the canyons, OE brakes are often overwhelmed by heat when the moment of truth arrives.

Big Brake Kits give your vehicle that super car look and feel, while significantly improving your brake performance in two areas. First, larger brake discs increase heat capacity, meaning your brakes will be more resistant to brake fade. Second, stiffer calipers and brake lines increase pedal feel and modulation.

AP Racings Formula Performance Brake Kits are designed for everyday road use and weekend track use. These kits reduce braking effort and give a more responsive late-braking confidence.

Provides increased resistance to fade after repeated high speed stops at the track, AND is still able to cope with day-to-day motoring. These kits are based on AP Racings championship-winning braking systems.

- Performance Road Front.
- Formula Brake Kits.

- Radial Mount, 152mm centres.
- Suits Ø330 max / Ø304 min x 32 or 28mm thick discs.
- Cast two piece Aluminium alloy body.
- Aluminium alloy pistons.
- Piston dirt seals fitted. 
- Advanced Red or Black anti-corrosion paint finish.
- Steel wear plates.
- Pad anti-rattle clip fitted.

Color available:

***Application list: Many cars model available, you name it, we customize it.

Price per set(Caliper, Brake pad and braided brake hose, - All necessary adapter and screws, - Plug and play

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