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Qmax GT3 Voltage Stabilizer
RM758.00 RM650.00
(Connect at 12V battery & engine block)

This Voltage stabilizer is combined with a grounding cable. Hence got 3 cables on it. It enable brisk acceleration, improve engine response, swift RPM flow, better output at all range of RPM, particulary more horsepower at medium to high RPM. Also, it stabilizes voltage, reduce distortion and reduce emission.

LED Indicated Light

It is possible to check the condition of the alternator charging system and battery life span by checking the LED light on the voltage stabilizer. Refer to the image for understanding how it work. Accuracy +/- 0.2v

Note: All Qmax VS are suitable for New, Old, Big, Small, Vintage, Performance and Modified car. Engine with Piggyback (e.g Unichip, E-manage) will get further improvement too. For use with 12V DC only
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