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Bluechem Oil System Cleaner(Engine Flush) 200ml

Bluechem/Powermaxx 33018E Bluechem Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner (Engine Flush):


• Decreases exhaust pollutants emissions
• High lubrication ability
• Unique Cleaning Effect
• Better engine performance.
• Contains no simple Alcohol
• Fresh new oil in a clean engine.
• Neutralises engine-damaging acids.
• Reduction in oil and fuel consumption.
• Less wear and tear on the complete system.
• Increase the lifetime of the catalytic converter.
• Removes residue in the piston ring and upper cylinder.


• Oil System Cleaner can be used in all types of diesel and gasoline engines with injection or carburettors, with or without catalytic converter, using all kind of fuel.


• The dirt particles will be evacuated with the oil drain.
• Can be disposed of in the same manner as old oil.

Mixing ratio:

• Powermax OSC protects the engine during the cleaning process because of the highly effective lubrication components and can treat up to 5 litres of oil.
• For larger quantities (Truck, Bus) 75 ml of Powermax OSC should be added for each litre of engine oil.


• Add to the engine hot oil before the oil drain and let run at idle for 15 minutes. Drain the oil and change the filter.
• If necessary, proceed to 2 successive treatments.


• Highly effective detergent additives
• Contains no simple alcohols that are agressive on metal, gaskets and seals.


• Colour …………………………. Green
• Frost susceptibility ……… No
• Density @ 20°C …………. 0.820 - 0.920
• Flash point ……..…………. 65°C

Price per bottle(200ml)

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