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HKS Turbo Racing 10w50 4L
Racing Pro

[RACING PRO(10W-50/0W-40/-5W-30)]

Low friction oil with viscosity characteristic optimized at high temperature for Pro users.

  • BASE OIL: 100% Synthetic Oil
  • SAE: 10W-50/0W-40/-5W-30
  • Basic characteristic is based on "Pro OIL".
  • Names of items were changed from previous TURBO, NA, RE to viscosity.
  • All viscosity grades can be used for rotary engine (Low ash content).
  • Ester of the new oil is upgraded to the new generation "HIPER ESTER".
  • Super low friction "-5W 30" is the best for the latest normal aspirated engines. It has quicker response than "0W 30" class oils.

Price per 4 Liters

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