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Cycar Two Cylinders Air Inflator for Automotive Tyre 150PSi
  • Cycar Two Cylinders Air Inflator for Automotive Tyre 150PSi - Image 1
  • Cycar Two Cylinders Air Inflator for Automotive Tyre 150PSi - Image 2
  • Cycar Two Cylinders Air Inflator for Automotive Tyre 150PSi - Image 3
Electric source : DC 12V 14A

  1. The air pump exerts wide ranges of use for all 12v automobile tyre, such as tyre of 4x off road vehicle, Pickup, microbus, truck below 2T and limousine. Big air supply and inflate soon!
  2. It also can be used to inflate the motorcycle, bicycle, balls, rubber dinghy, air bed and inflatable toy, etc.
  3. It is good for the emergent needs that you are on highway and countryside road or rush to the office in the morning while the tyre has a low pressure.
  4. The appropriate tyre pressure not only save gas but also ensure the safety of driving.

2.The way of Use: (Please operate by the following order.
  1. Plug power cord into cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle.
  2. Start up the engine and turn on the switch.
  3. Push connector of the compressor toward the valve of tyre.
  4. The gauge will indicate the pressure of the tyre. When the gauge indicate appropriate tyre pressure, usually 28-35PSI, stop engine, unplug power cord and remove the connector from valve.

  1. While compressor working, please run the engine o enhance the power.
  2. The electric source is DC12 14A 110V family electric source is prohibited unless with a transformer.
  3. Generally, it takes 3 minutes to inflate the vehicle tyre to the appropriate pressure: 30PSI. If the gauge indicate the pressure rising rapidly, even amounting to 100PSI at the beginning of the inflating, it means the failure. Please remove the connector from the valve and operate again.
  4. Keep the inflating at your sight and attention. Please check the gauge for the pressure and not let the pressure too high.
  5. Wet and heavy dropping is prohibited. Keep away from children to avoid possible hurt.
  6. Keep the cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle clean and fuse connected otherwise the compressor can't work.
  7. To keep good operation of the compressor, it should not be work more than 10 minutes. If the compressor continuously works for more than 10 minutes, cool it for 10 minutes to avoid damaging the engine and the parts.

Price per set as shown in pictures

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