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TM Works Ignite VSD aplha 16V
[VSD 16V]
Ignite VSD alpha 16v

Harness set acceptable table

Boost up the input voltage to the ignition coil from 12V to 16V!! It is possible to actually feel blowing to the high rotation region and the change in the shift timing.
  1. Prevented the down of power when electrical equipment is used.
  2. Torque improvement that can be experienced.
  3. Greatly reduced CO & HC(harmful vehicle exhaust emission).

Ignite VSD alpha 16v boosts up the input voltage to the ignition coil from 12V to 16V.In addition,at an electric load the steady voltage that might not be lowered from 16V is supplied to the ignition coil.

Compared with old goods,in assume a heatproof structure that the heat influence is not received easily further and attempting shortening of the wearing time by building the power relay for the car made in Japan into the main body,it succeeded in securing a steadier power supply.

Moreover,it is possible to use it in every country in the world because the RoHS standard of the specific poisonous substance use limitation instruction athat EU executes is cleared.

*The accidental fire of the high boost turbo engine complete is obstructed.
*Prevented the down of power of the car equipped with big power audio.
*Prevented the down of power of using air conditioner.
*Adjust to various motor sports.
*Protection function that doesn't influence even the latest DLI ignition coil.
*Safe design that disappears by LED, and changes into 12V circuit automatically,when the trouble occurs in alpha 16v by any chance.
*Circuit damage protection function it changes temporarily in 12V circuit and it changes into 16V circuit again in the cancellation of the load, when becoming a low voltage at deterioration of battery or a high load of the engine start etc.
*By the power supply relay attachment,alpha 16v demonstrates the performance by 100%

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