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Pioneer Car Dash Cam DVR Camcorder 2.7inch ND-DVR110
  • Pioneer Car Dash Cam DVR Camcorder 2.7inch ND-DVR110 - Image 1
  • Pioneer Car Dash Cam DVR Camcorder 2.7inch ND-DVR110 - Image 2
  • Display: 2.7''LCD 960*240
  • Video resolution: 1920x1080 1080P/30FPS

  • Recording media
  • Micro SD card up to 64GB
  • Recording Time 720P 29mins/4GB
  • Seamless loop recording: YES

Accessories included  
  • Bracket
  • USB Cable
  • Car Adaptor
  • User Manual

  • Internal Memory: 1Mb NORFLASH 
  • Random Access Memory: 128Mb SDRAM 

3 Dimensional Gravity Sensor chip
Collision reaction function: There is a built-in Collision Reaction Unit – powered by a triaxial three-dimensional gravity sensor chip, in the event of a vehicle collision or a considerable degree of vibration, the Pioneer Black Box will automatically lock the footage of the previous 10 seconds and the latter 20 seconds of the accident and saves it as a special file with a pre-fix of ‘SOS’ so they can be accessed quickly. The locked footage will be protected and will not be re-written over.
Smart Motion Detection Function: Recording starts when an object is detected in front of the vehicle, and stops when there is no motion. Disk space utilization is more efficient and the memory card contents contain USABLE footage.
Loop recording: When the Memory card is full, the OLDEST UNPROTECTED video files will be automatically written over.
One touch key for locking:  besides the automatic protection feature, this device also provides a manual protection method; in the process of video recording, you can protect the current video recording by simply pressing the [menu button] once.

Omni-Record mode
  • All bases are covered whether your vehicle is Parked, or Automatic Record On on start-up of your vehicle or while you are driving
  • Automatic power-on and video-recording function when vehicle is started
  • Parking monitoring mode - P-Mode : If the car is hit whilst parked and the igintion is in off mode  the G-sensor detects vibration,  the Automatic Power on system will be deployed and will start recording
  • Parking monitoring mode - T-mode:Time-lapse recording to save TF card memory & enables quick access to view the recorded footage
  • P-mode is normal speed recording , T-mode is time-lapse recording.

Automatic Recording
  • Automatic power-on and video-recording function when vehicle is started.

110˚ Wide Angle View
  • The ND-DVR110  has a150˚ wide viewing angle capturing a wider view of the Dynamic Hi-Resolution Camera 
  • The ND-DVR110  is equipped with 5 Million pixels for ultra-clear screen capture 

High sensitive image sensor & WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Pioneer’s New Innovative Optical Technology especially developed for recording under Dark conditions. 
  • Wide dynamic image processing technology with better night-vision effect  to overcome hard light, glare, and halos,  enabling ultra-clear screen capture in low lighting conditions. 

Price per set(Come with Toshiba Exceria 16GB Memory Card)

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