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Wolf Brake Fluid Dot 5.1 - 250ML

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Made in Belgium

Synthetic brake fluid, intended for hydraulic brake systems, where a superior quality is required. Its composition provides a high chemical stability, excellent resistance against residues, high resistance against oxidation and can be used with all materials, 
normally used in brake systems.

It is used in all hydraulic brake systems (including ABS), for which manufacturers require a fluid, meeting the characteristics mentioned hereunder. Also suited as power steering and torque convertor fluid. Application field : from -40°C till 270°C.

Boiling point: very high boiling point, safe braking. 
Anti-corrosion properties: complete brake system protection. 
Elastomer compatibility: no leakage or fluid losses. 

This excellent quality hydraulic has been formulated to ensure outstanding brake system protection by eliminating the risk of contamination or leakage. Safe and reliable braking is guaranteed by the high boiling point of this fluid.

FMVSS: 116 DOT 4
FMVSS: 116 DOT 5.1
ISO: 4925 Class 3&4
ISO: 4925 Class 5.1
SAE: J 1703
SAE: J 1704

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