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Hankook EFB Technology Start Stop Battery M42 55B20L for Perodua Axia
(EFB) Enhanced Flooded Battery Technology
  1. Built for higher performance and reliability than conventional flooded batteries and can support entry-level start-stop functionality.
  2. Provides enhanced starting power for reliable performance throughout the day and can power the ever-increasing electrical demands of many vehicles.
  3. Provides double the cyclic stability of standard lead acid batteries, which allows for a longer lifespan of recovering from deep discharges.
  4. In a start-stop vehicle, when the engine is ‘off’, EFB allows the vehicle’s electrical devices to stay powered on, while ensuring the engine will consistently restart in a fraction of a second.

Application For :
  • Start Stop System
  • Urban intensive use
  • Heavily Equipped electronic device

Benefit & Feature :
- Sealed Maintenance Free with double lid
- Grid Protected System with special tissue
- Hankook X-Frame Grid technology
- Carbon additives
- x3 times longer idling stop life cycle
- Charge acceptance 130% up
- Starting power 115%
- Optimal fit for engine compartment


Important indication:
    For vehicles with Start-Stop technologies there are always special Start-Stop batteries required. A conventional battery does not affect only the Start-Stop functions and has negative ecological implications, but influences the battery life itself. The test has proven that a conventional lead-acid battery installed on a vehicle with Start-Stop system loses 7-16% from the loading capacity available, in only one week.

    Price per unit

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