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Kenwood DRV-410 FULL HD Dashboard Camera with 16Gb
  • Kenwood DRV-410 FULL HD Dashboard Camera with 16Gb - Image 1
  • Kenwood DRV-410 FULL HD Dashboard Camera with 16Gb - Image 2
  • Kenwood DRV-410 FULL HD Dashboard Camera with 16Gb - Image 3
One year warranty by Kenwood Malaysia

Product details of Kenwood DRV-410 FULL HD Dashboard Camera
  • Full HD Recording
  • Built-In GPS
  • HDR For Backlighting
  • Smooth Recording
  • Extensive Recording Function
  • Additional Safety and Warning Features

The DRV-410 #dashcam includes HD recording plus high-dynamic range to ensure clear recording in almost any conditions. Also included safety features, lane departure, front collision and queuing delay movement warnings. Parking mode keeps watch on your vehicle even when shopping.

Sample video

Kenwood DRV-410 Dashboard Camera

Feature Highlights
Full HD video recording is available in a compact design to document any occurrence or disturbance you may come across while driving your vehicle. With HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, it can record video at dark and bright locations, without underexposing or overexposing the image. A gyro sensor will automatically detect when there is an event and separate a portion of memory within the 8GB SD card for viewing. Additional safety and warning features will detect and alert you of a possible forward collision or as lane departure begins to occur.

Full HD Recording
Record high-resolution smooth videos at Full HD (1920 x 1080) while keeping the file size small with H.264 technology.

Built-In GPS
Check your location wherever you go. The built-in, highly sensitive GPS receiver automatically records driving information in the video such as speed, altitude, longitude, latitude & heading. Display your location on Google Maps™ with a link to web when you play the video on “KENWOOD DRIVE REVIEW".

HDR For Backlighting
Thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, DRV-410 can record video at dark and bright locations, without underexposing or overexposing the image.

Smooth Recording
Recording at 27 frames a second creates a natural and progressively smooth video.

Extensive Recording Function
With latest motion detection technology and its own internal battery, DRV-410 automatically activates and records video when motion is detected near the front of the vehicle. During parking mode, the security indicator will have a deterrent effect against car theft or vandalism.

KENWOOD Drive Reviewer
KENWOOD Drive Reviewer is a PC application for displaying video recorded with the device. The application can be downloaded from the JVC KENWOOD website.

Accident Avoidance Features for Safer Driving
Equipped with the latest in accident avoidance sensor technology.

Collision Warning
Sensors detect the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you, and if a safe distance is not maintained a warning will sound. Collision Avoidance works at 20 MPH and up.

Lane Departure
Warning Detects the lane your vehicle is in and alerts you with a warning sound when the vehicle drifts from the current lane. Lane Departure works at 40 MPH and up.

Lane Departure Warning works when a vehicle changes a lane.

Departure Delay
Warning When your vehicle is at a full stop and the car in front of you starts to move forward, the departure delay warning sounds if your car fails to move forward.The system will also provide warning if your vehicle starts to move backward.

(The accident avoidance features are for providing safety support to drivers and in no way, shape or form meant to substitute a drivers full attention to the responisbilities of driving. The features do not provide notification of all hazards encountered on the road.
*Some locations, such as tunnels or cityscapes with tall buildings, may encounter loss of GPS signals
*In some cases the shape of a vehicle, or color of paint may prevent the sensors from detecting a vehicle
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