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Original Proton Head Gasket PW811553 for Proton Gen 2 Gen2 Saga BLM Persona Waja CamPro CPS Exora Bold Preve(Metal)
  • Proton Gen-2 (2004 - 2011)
  • Proton Persona (2007 - 2016)
  • Proton Satria Neo (2006 - 2015)
  • Proton Saga BLM (2008 - Present)
  • Proton Exora (2009 - Present)
A head gasket is a gasket that sits between the engine block and cylinder head(s) in an internal combustion engine. Its purpose is to seal the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders.

Common Blown Head Gasket Symptoms:
  • Coolant leaking externally from bellow the exhaust manifold.
  • White smoke from the exhaust pipe.
  • Overheating engine.
  • Bubbles in the radiator or coolant overflow tank.
  • White milky oil.
  • Significant loss of coolant with no visible leaks.

To test a head gasket blown between the cylinder and another port, do a leak down test. This pumps air into the cylinder and measures how much is lost. You can listen and look for the source of where the air is exiting. To test the coolant system, do a coolant system pressure test.

Product shape / configuration as shown in photos, however the colour may varies depending on production batch and materials composition. The manufacturer may change the product packaging from time to time without prior notice.

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