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[1Pcs]Gaido X-Series Drive Shaft Proton Saga/Saga LMST/Iswara 1.3/1.5 Long & Short
Go X-tra kilometer with Gaido X-Series Drive Shaft.

Abnormal noise near drive shaft? Having vibration symptom on your wheel?

When it is time to replace a new drive shaft, choose Gaido. So that you can drive confidently and enjoy maximum durability.


Drive Shaft
X-series Drive Shaft

100% all-new, more robust, more durable
Gaido X-series drive shafts provide extra durability and extra quality

What is a Drive Shaft?
The drive shaft is a mechanical component that transfers torque from the engine to the end of the vehicle before it reaches the wheels.

Drive shafts are constructed of carbon fibre, aluminium, and steel. A good automotive drive shaft enables high rotating speed without adding too much weight to the vehicle.
More robust, More durable

Gaido all-new drive shafts are more robust than those of other brands*. Built to withstand tough conditions and resist breakage

100% all-new

Power your car with a Gaido high performance drive shaft for a greater driving experience. Quality ensured and proven to last longer.

X-tra of everything

The Gaido brand new X-series driveshaft are designed for X-tra safety and X-tra quality. This means you get X-tra value for your purchase.

About Gaido X-series Drive Shaft

For more details about Gaido X-series Drive Shaft, please contact our sales line today.

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